Berserker’s Rage


Berserker’s Rage was written by Elle Boon.  It is the second book in the Smoke Jumpers series.  This post was organized by N K Author Services.

About the book:

Berserker's Rage-highres (1)A CORE OF STEEL
Hal Aldridge has always hidden his other half, but when he saves a woman beaten beyond recognition, he embraces his inner berserker. She calls to his soul more than any other.

Hospitalized for months, Felicity Evans holds onto the only thing that seems real. The voice of the man who kept her sane through the darkness.

Finally coming together, the couple realize the love that could be found in each other’s arms. Their passion flares brighter than the California sun, and there is no turning back. However danger once again finds Felicity, and Hal and his team of supernatural beings will do anything to bring her home safe.

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Fun facts about Elle Boon:

profilepic131. I have to have a cup of 2% chocolate milk before bed every night without fail. I can’t have anymore because I’m semi-lactose intolerant lol.

2. I have a blanket with a silky edge around it I’ve had since I was a baby that I take everywhere with me. Yes, I have the original, but I have had to replace several times as I’ve gotten older. Yes, it has a name. No, I will not tell you ☺

3. I always have my toenails and fingernails painted and they always have to match. It’s weird, I know, but see the above two items. I’m strange.

4. I have over 35 bra and panty sets. Yes, I match them on the daily. Yes, I know that is crazy, but I also love to do this. No, it is not an obsession. Hehehehe.

5. I wear flip flops even in the winter as long as there is not visible snow.

6. I hate shoes with backs on them. HATE! I’ll wear UGG boots in the winter that I can easily slip on and off, or other shoes like that, but ones you have to lace up, I hate. However, I do have some really nice knee high and calf boots, I just don’t like to wear them, much.

7. When I drive I tend to place my left foot in the seat with the knee bent. Scary right?

8. I listen to metal and rock more than other types of music, but I also love country and some hip-hop stuff. Is Taylor Swift and Katy Perry hip-hopish? I also love Bob Seger, Carly Simon and such. Very eclectic ☺

9. My all-time favorite author that I want to meet is Diana Palmer. I mean I love many authors, like Sherrilyn Kenyon and such, but Diana was my first romance author I ever read.

10. I am a clean freak. I clean my bathrooms daily.

11. My closets are color coordinated, by colors and type of clothing. Each family member also has their own color of hanger. I’m a wee bit OCD ☺

12. I say y’all all the time.

13. I also say “Bless Your Heart” and most of my friends do too. About 7-8 years ago I met a group of ladies at Lora Leigh’s conference. We became fast friends and have stayed that way since. We call ourselves the RAW Bitches. All of us have “Bitch” names and had shirts made. On the shirts our names are stitched on along with the saying “Bless Your Heart” the shirts are over 7 years old, but I still pull mine out every year and wear it when we meet up.

14. I am called Bear by my family because I tend to growl before coffee. I’ve roomed with a few friends at cons, and they have aptly named me the same, and will post the cutest Memes on my wall stating the same.

15. I eat one item at a time on my plate. When people eat a little of this and a little of that, I think “How strange it must taste” lol. Again, I know I’m strange.

16. In my books you’ll find little bits of me or my friends in each one. I tend to take conversations I’ve had, or characterizations of people I know and incorporate them into my stories.

17. Selena’s Men was originally titled The Kings One.

18. FireStarter was written as a lark, but now is one of my favorites.

19. Berserker’s Rage just came out, but is one of my all-time deepest books.

20. I get inspiration almost anywhere, but the most common place is in the shower.

21. My oldest is twenty-one years old and pimps the heck out of my books, but will never read them because she says it squicks her out.

22. My mama was brought up a southern Baptist.

23. My hubby’s family is from Northern Minnesota and in Berserker’s Rage I used some terms I’d heard from some locals up there.

24. I never leave my house without making sure my hair is fixed. I could care less about wearing makeup, but my hair has to be done.

25. When I go shopping, my family cause it an “Expedition” because it can be an 8 hour event. I love to shop. Like LOVE it.